Welcome to our Violin Stars Virtual
Strings Club!
"Are you ready to take your playing
to the next level?"
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Virtual Strings Member!
How does the club work?
When you become a Virtual Strings member you will have unlimited access
to our online violin lesson videos!  Our very popular
Level 1 course is
available online for Virtual Strings members to watch along with an
supply of exclusive Virtual Strings videos!

Are you completely new to the violin?  No problem!  You can start out with
your very first lesson in our Club and progress to an intermediate level
within 6 to 12 months.  

Are you an intermediate level player?  Great!  We have lots of lessons
that will help you build your skills and take your playing to a new level!

We are so confident that you will love our Virtual Strings
Club that we are willing to let you try it out for
free for one

It's like having private violin lessons in your own home!  There will
always be teachers available to help guide you if you need help or if you
have any questions.  We also encourage all of our students to upload their
lesson videos so that we can review them and provide you with helpful

Currently we have 0ver 40 online lessons for you to watch, and new videos
will be added each month so that you will never run out of lessons!

The value for just one month as a Virtual Strings member is worth over
$100.00 but you can have access to all of our lessons for just $9.99 a
Try it out for one week for free!  If you aren't happy,
you can cancel without any charges.
Violin Stars Reviews

I picked up the violin for the first time at Christmas when a friend of mine loaned me a
spare. Learning the violin has been a life-long dream of mine, and I was so excited to find
the Violin Stars website and begin learning in my own home. Kim has been so responsive and
gives great feedback. I feel like I can successfully learn how to play with this program.
~Krista Moyer

I've always wanted to play the violin, and picked one up a couple of months ago. I did some
research and found Violin Stars. It has made a major improvement on my playing with the
simple techiques demonstrated on video.
~James Wood

I love the Violin Stars Program and am so honored to be apart of it. Violin Stars is a
program dedicated to teaching you how to really play the violin! No where will you find the
patience, encouragement, and real sophistication that this program offers. I am truly happy
that I have an opportunity to learn the violin well and thus far I am doing fine :) I can't wait
till I can play Mozart! :D
~Victoria Vann

Kim is a Great teacher! She has a very simple and easy approach that works very well. I
have already mentioned her course to a few of my personal friends because I believe that
they work. I truly appreciate the fact also, that she interacts... with her students. She's
easy to talk to and very informative in her answers when you ask questions. If you are
brand new at the violin or you have some training under your belt, I would highly
recommend any of Kim's videos. they have been a blessing to me as it is my dream to learn
to play the violin proficiently.
~Tiffany Bogle